Photo/IllutrationThe USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier in a joint exercise with ships from the South Korean Navy off the Korean Peninsula on Oct. 18 (Provided by U.S. Navy)

SEOUL--U.S. Navy SEALs are in South Korea apparently training for an assassination of Kim Jong Un and other North Korean leaders, sources said.

The special operations forces have joined the U.S.-South Korean joint military exercise that started on Oct. 16, according to a source familiar with U.S.-South Korean relations. They are usually aboard the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

The USS Michigan submarine, which has quarters for special operations forces and special submersible boats designed for sneak attacks, arrived at the Port of Busan on Oct. 13.

The SEALs are believed to be training on the USS Michigan as well as in helicopters on the aircraft carrier to sneak into North Korea for a hypothetical assassination operation of Kim and other senior members of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The SEALs generally operate in teams of 10 or so, according to military experts. Their missions can include assassinations, rescue operations and destruction of enemy facilities. They use aircraft, submarines and other means to enter enemy territory and approach their target.

The United States and South Korea have drawn up operation plans that include assassination and abduction of the North Korean leader.

The SEALs also took part in a U.S.-South Korean joint military exercise held off South Korea in March.