Long-established catering service provider Ichifuji Catering Co. is taking pre-orders for its traditional “osechi” New Year’s feast package offered in collaboration with the globally popular pirate anime series "One Piece."

Priced at 16,200 yen ($144.50), including tax and shipping, the sumptuous “One Piece Osechi 2018” meal set comes in a two-tiered box with 31 food items suitable for diners of all ages.

The first seafood-themed set features 16 items such as shrimp, herring roe, rolled omelette, mashed sweet potatoes with chestnuts and black soy beans. It also includes picks featuring Chopper and a green-colored “One Piece” logo.

The second meat-themed set comes with 15 items such as tomato and basil-flavored chicken leg, stewed pork, quiche and terrine. It is bundled with picks featuring Luffy and the red-colored logo.

The feast is also bundled with special freebies including a lacquered “jubako” box with an illustration showing the Straw Hat pirates dressed in traditional Japanese kimono, an illustrated ceramic plate, branded chopsticks and a “furoshiki” wrapping cloth.

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