A picturesque view of autumn leaves dazzles around Tsutanuma pond in Towada, Aomori Prefecture. The footage was taken in time-lapse mode. (Video taken by Yosuke Fukudome)

TOWADA, Aomori Prefecture--Tourists struck gold at famed beauty spot Tsutanuma pond here on Oct. 24, when the trees were resplendent in autumn hues against a blue-sky backdrop after a typhoon’s departure.

The glorious golden foliage in primary beech forests basking in the morning sunlight proved a magnet for visitors.

From early morning, about 100 tourists and photographers enthusiastically snapped away at the stunning panorama before them, including many Taiwanese and Chinese sightseers.

Particularly mesmerizing is the leaves’ changing color depending on how light hits them. For example, the yellow leaves of beech trees turn a blazing red in the direct morning sunlight.

On a still and sunny morning, the colorful leaves are reflected on the water’s surface, further adding to their enchantment.

The beauty of the foliage is expected to remain at its zenith through early November.