Photo/IllutrationJapanese silver grass tinged with the evening glow of a sinking sun against the backdrop of Suzakumon Gate in Nara (Eijiro Morii)

NARA--Japanese silver grass shimmering in the evening breeze is a reminder that autumn is fast progressing.

At the former site of the ancient Heijokyu palace here, the feathery whitish gray heads beneath the orange glow of a sinking sun is picture perfect for sightseers' cameras.

The silver grass here is expected to be at its best in the coming days as the area has been less affected than other sightseeing spots by typhoons and other adverse climate conditions, according to the Nara City Tourist Association.

Despite an off-limits area due to the construction of the Nara Palace Site Historical Park, which will open in spring 2018, amateur photographers were dashing about to capture the magnificent scenery of the silver grass spread around Suzakumon Gate as the sun sank below the horizon.