The process of assembling a full-scale D-51 steam locomotive made of corrugated cardboard is shown to the public at JR Hiroshima Station in the city’s Higashi Ward. (Video footage by Koichi Ueda)

HIROSHIMA--A full-scale "Degoichi" D-51 steam locomotive made out of corrugated cardboard is on display at JR Hiroshima Station, ahead of the real train hitting the tracks this month.

The model was constructed by Hideo Shima, an engineer and industrial artist who works with corrugated cardboard, and is being exhibited in advance of West Japan Railway Co. (JR West) running the D-51 between Yamaguchi Prefecture and Shimane Prefecture on Nov. 25 and 26 under the name of Yamaguchi-go.

Many parts of the model such as connecting rods transmitting piston power to the wheels were created as precise replicas.

The Hiroshima branch of JR West planned the exhibition, which will continue through Nov. 20.