A Lower House lawmaker who took umbrage at an Asahi Shimbun editorial about the Kake Educational Institution's veterinary school scandal vented his outrage by tweeting, "Die, Asahi Shimbun".

Yasushi Adachi, a member of Nippon Ishin (Japan Innovation Party), tweeted in Japanese on Nov. 11, “Asahi Shimbun, shine,” (Die, Asahi Shimbun) on his official Twitter account with a link to this newspaper's online editorial regarding the Kake veterinary school scandal and alleged favoritism by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which was published the same day.

He claimed the editorial constituted an “act of defamation.”

In the editorial, The Asahi Shimbun argued that “the approval for the faculty’s planned opening in spring does nothing to clear up allegations that administration officials, acting on the 'intent of the prime minister,’ put pressure on the ministry to approve the plan.”

On Nov. 13, Adachi told The Asahi Shimbun, “I do not believe my language was appropriate, but I expressed my anger over how (The Asahi Shimbun) continues to write libellous things concerning Kake Educational Institution issues.”

Adachi defended his aggressive comment by citing the coarse language used in an anonymous blog titled “Hoikuen ochita, Nihon shine” (My child couldn’t enroll in a nursery school; Japan should die), which was discussed in Diet sessions in early 2016.

“If (such language) is acceptable to be read out in the Diet, saying, ‘Die, Asahi Shimbun’ must be equally acceptable," he reasoned.

“I am raising a question, so flaming is most welcome,” Adachi added.

The blog entry was posted in February 2016 by the mother of a young child who was angry over a lack of governmental welfare support, griping that it prevented her from going back into the work force.

The post went viral as the issue has long been in the headlines.

Osamu Aoki, a journalist and former staff writer of Kyodo News, condemned Adachi’s conduct in an Asahi Shimbun interview.

“Private citizens use violent rhetoric to convey their dire situations, but use of it by a Diet member, a public figure, cannot be compared to it,” said Aoki. “Language is the most important thing for politicians. Such language as ‘Die, Asahi Shimbun’ is not appropriate as it could shut up debate.”

Many media outlets have reported on Adachi's tweets in recent days, and Adachi continued criticizing The Asahi Shimbun for “fabricating news” on Twitter through Nov. 14. He has stated that he has no intention of retracting his words.

The Public Affairs Division of The Asahi Shimbun released a statement Nov. 14 saying, “We strongly protest that a current Diet member used such violent language to suppress our legitimate journalistic and critic activities. We cannot overlook it, as well as the groundless criticism he has repeatedly made, including calling our reports ‘fabrications.’”

The contentious Nov. 11 editorial, translated into English, can be viewed at (http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201711110036.html).