Toshiba Corp.'s huge LED screen in New York’s Times Square will sign off after displaying the countdown to New Year as part of the company's drastic cost-cutting efforts, ending a 10-year partnership with festive crowds.

The screen atop the One Times Square building overlooking the Big Apple's tourist hub has featured in numerous movies.

The screen is expected to be taken down in the first half of 2018, Toshiba said Nov. 22.

Toshiba will also withdraw as a sponsor of the long-running Japanese TV anime series “Sazae-san” at the end of March. The program, a household name, has aired since 1969, and Toshiba was its sole sponsor until other companies joined it in 1998.

It will also pull out from a well-known TV drama slot on Sunday nights, called Nichiyo Gekijo, at the end of March. The company began sponsoring it in 1956, took a break and returned to giving financial backing in 2009.

Toshiba’s exposure through commercials during those programs and the iconic landmark in New York helped cement its brand image in the minds of consumers.