Stablemaster Takanohana again rejected a request from the Japan Sumo Association (JSA) for Takanoiwa to explain the beating he received from yokozuna Harumafuji in Tottori in late October.

“I refuse to accept the request. I will leave the matter to police,” Takanohana told JSA Chairman Hakkaku on Nov. 22 in Fukuoka, where the Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament is under way.

Takanoiwa, 27, a maegashira No. 8 in Takanohana’s stable, received the beating by Harumafuji, 33, while drinking in Tottori on Oct. 25.

The two Mongolians, along with other wrestlers, were in the city for a sumo exhibition as part of a circuit tour.

The JSA asked Takanohana to come to the Fukuoka Kokusai Center, the venue of the tournament, on Nov. 22.

Takanohana arrived at the center in the afternoon and met with Hakkaku in an executives’ room for about 25 minutes. Hakkaku explained that the JSA’s risk management committee plans to hear from Takanoiwa about the incident.

“I want you to cooperate,” Hakkaku told Takanohana, who rejected the request.

He has previously refused to cooperate with the JSA on the matter.

Questions have been raised about what exactly happened in Tottori. Differing medical records, for example, showed discrepancies on the extent of Takanoiwa’s injuries.

The JSA heard Harumafuji’s side of the story in Ryogoku Kokugikan, the venue for sumo tournaments in Tokyo, on Nov. 19.

It also plans to hear from yokozuna Kakuryu and sekiwake Terunofuji, who were drinking with Harumafuji and Takanoiwa when the beating occurred.

Kakuryu and Terunofuji, who are also Mongolians, have been absent from the current Kyushu tournament.

Tottori prefectural police have already heard from Kakuryu and Terunofuji.