Photo/IllutrationPeople’s fatigue and stress levels will be measured under various air conditions based on their heart rate and amount of sweat. (Yuka Kanemoto)

Air conditioners that help stop office workers from becoming tired are being developed by Daikin Industries Ltd.

The air conditioner maker is working with Riken research institute, which has accumulated knowledge on the ins and outs of how people get tired, to reach this objective.

The company will begin an experiment in December to determine the best temperature and humidity levels to improve work efficiency.

Subjects will wear sensors to monitor their heart rate, body temperature, amount of sweat and other conditions while remaining in a room at a Riken facility in Kobe.

The temperature in the room can be changed by 0.1 degree from 20 degrees to 30 degrees, while the humidity level will be set at 30 to 70 percent.

Daikin has relied on questionnaire surveys to study air conditions under which people feel comfortable, but the planned cooperation with Riken will enable it to measure people’s fatigue and stress levels based on heart rate, body temperature and other biological information.

“We plan to identify the temperature and other conditions under which people do not get tired by the end of fiscal 2018 for the development of air conditioners,” said Tomohiro Yabu, a senior Daikin official.

In the experiment, the impact of returning to offices from places of higher or lower temperatures on workers will also be examined. The survey is intended to identify the most favorable environmental conditions, such as the flow of air, scent and lighting, to reduce fatigue and stress.