The damaged Aegis guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain aboard a heavy lift vessel heads toward the Yokosuka Naval Base on the afternoon of Dec. 5. (Video by Takahiro Kumakura)

The badly damaged Aegis destroyer USS John S. McCain was carried into Tokyo Bay on Dec. 5 aboard a heavy lift vessel for repairs at its homeport of Yokosuka in Kanagawa Prefecture.

The guided-missile destroyer collided with an oil tanker off Singapore in August, killing 10 U.S. sailors.

The collision tore a gaping hole in the McCain's left rear hull and flooded adjacent compartments, including crew berths and machinery and communication rooms.

The heavy lift vessel carrying the warship left Singapore in October, but bad weather and a crack newly found in the destroyer’s hull forced the McCain to anchor en route in the Philippines for patch-up repairs.

The vessels finally left the Philippines on Nov. 28, and full repairs are scheduled to start at the sprawling U.S. naval base south of Tokyo shortly.