Photo/IllutrationShiroyone Senmaida, the terraced rice fields in the Shiroyone district of Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, create a fantasy-like world when lit after dark. (Yoshinobu Itakura)

WAJIMA, Ishikawa Prefecture--Shiroyone Senmaida, a government-designated scenic beauty site, has been lit up after sunset with about 21,000 LED lights to turn the famous terraced rice paddies into a magical wonderland against the backdrop of the Sea of Japan.

This year marks the seventh “Aze no Kirameki” (twinkling of the ridges) event organized by the city government and other parties to attract visitors during the winter months. The event runs until March 11.

About 250 volunteer workers set up the solar-powered LED lighting devices along the ridges of the rice fields on Oct. 8. Lit for about four hours after dark, the lights change color from yellow to pink and back to yellow about every half an hour.

This year, LED devices that make a chirping sound similar to bell crickets when the color changes have also been placed along the walkways.

“It’s very beautiful and fantastical. I feel comforted,” said a 62-year-old male company worker from Kanazawa.

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