Photo/IllutrationFormer yokozuna Harumafuji at Tottori airport after being reinterviewed by police Dec. 2 (Eriko Nami)

Police have called for disgraced former sumo champion Harumafuji to be punished severely in a criminal court for his assault in a bar on a lower-ranked wrestler.

Tottori prefectural police sent papers to the prosecutor's office on Dec. 11 outlining the accusations against the former yokozuna.

The police said strict punishment is necessary because of a request for a harsh penalty from the victim Takanoiwa’s camp and the severity of the injuries. Police also stated that the offense was aggravated by Harumafuji using a weapon, namely a remote control for a karaoke machine.

Prosecutors will now decide whether to indict the former wrestler in a careful manner.

The 33-year-old Mongolian reportedly slapped his 27-year-old fellow countryman about a dozen times as well as striking him several times with the remote control.

Takanoiwa’s head injury took about 10 days to heal after the incident at a bar in Tottori city on Oct. 25, the day before a sumo event that is part of the tour circuit, according to investigators.

During the party, the Mongolian yokozuna Hakuho criticized Takanoiwa for repeatedly being rude. Despite being lectured, the junior wrestler then touched his smartphone when it rang and vibrated.

This apparently caused Harumafuji to blow his top and start the beating.

Harumafuji reportedly regrets what he did.

But when he announced his retirement on Nov. 29 in the aftermath of the controversy, he stated, “It is a senior associate wrestler’s obligation to correct (the behavior) when someone does not have the decency.”

Takanoiwa sent his version of events and a medical note outlining his injuries to Tottori prefectural police on Oct. 29.

Prefectural police believes that Takanoiwa’s injuries are consistent with Harumafuji’s own statement, which apparently led to the judgment.

Harumafuji's lawyers said Dec. 11, “It is certain that (Harumafuji) injured Takanoiwa. We wholeheartedly offer an apology to all on (our client's) behalf.”

Harumafuji was criticized for not apologizing directly to Takanoiwa during his retirement announcement

“(Harumafuji did not do it) because he was extremely nervous. Nothing should be read into that," said the lawyers.