Photo/IllutrationAn SIM card machine set up at the international flight arrival lobby of Aomori Airport (Naoyuki Himeno)

AOMORI--A tourist is not only welcomed by pristine snow at Aomori Airport right now, but also free Internet access, so visitors can snap shots of the white landscape and then instantly post them online.

A SIM card machine has been set up at the airport’s international flight arrival lobby to enable tourists to access the Internet free of charge. A similar machine has also been set up at Sendai Airport, with both being made available in November.

It is the fifth of its kind across Japan, and it targets visitors from Taiwan and Hong Kong who flock here at this time of year to frolic in the snow.

The new service is offered by travel agency WAmazing Inc., which is based in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, and provides an online hotel booking service and tourist information on an app.

If a special app is downloaded and the person registers on it before arriving in Japan, they will receive a SIM card from the machine after it reads their Quick Response code on the app.

The insertion of the SIM cards will enable the smartphones and tablets to receive or send up to 500 megabytes of data for free for 15 days.

While users can raise the data limit by paying extra cash, the ceiling will also be increased for free when they book accommodations through the app.

WAmazing said it decided to set up the machine at the two airports because viewing snow is a popular practice among sightseers from Taiwan and Hong Kong, and they visit ski resorts and other destinations where they can play in the snow in the northeastern Tohoku region.

“It (the new service) will allow visitors to not only check tourist information, maps and other types of information online anytime, but also immediately post taken photos on social networking websites,” a WAmazing official said. “We hope non-Japanese tourists will be able to enjoy their travels without any anxiety.”