Photo/Illutration(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)

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dark lines of the roof shingle edges light snow

--kjmunro (Whitehorse, Yukon)

* * *

father’s absence--

the bright white border

of a frozen leaf

--Lucia Fontana (Milan, Italy)

* * *

tidying up

yesterday’s written words

snow in the sun

--Marina Bellini (Bagnolo San Vito, Italy)

* * *

morning yoga--

under her bare feet

snow melting

--Goran Gatalica (Virovitica, Croatia)

* * *

Thanksgiving Day in snow

dressed up in kimono and

leather shoes

--Junko Saeki (Suginami, Tokyo)

* * *

chilly afternoon

while shopping a lady

adjusts her hijab

--Jeanne Jorgensen (Edmonton, Alberta)

* * *

in the cold--

a runner breathing out

his life

--Yoshiho Satake (Tokyo)

* * *

torrents of snow

first grandparent

to pass away

--Agnes Eva Savich (Austin, Texas)

* * *

first snowflake . ..

an unexpected


--Martha Magenta (Bristol, U.K.)

* * *


fresh in the salad bowl--

lodge to the north

--Kiyoshi Fukuzawa (Tokyo)




peeling potatoes I wait for the snow and its silence

--Marina Bellini (Bagnolo San Vito, Italy)

* * *

The haikuist need wait no longer. The first snowfalls blanketed Mongolia, reports Tuvshinzaya Nergui, who belongs to Beyond the Limits haiku poetry circle. Eerily quiet, Lucia Cardillo peered out her window in Italy. Ramona Linke held out her palms in Germany. Gatalica wore black.

first snow

on the fallen leaves--

silence all around

* * *

strange silence--

morning lights up

pure white snow

* * *

garden art

on Buddha’s hands

fresh fallen snow

* * *

falling snow

the mask of midnight

discovers mercy

Lee Nash lined up at the fishmongers in France.

a queue forms

in the snow

full crates of oysters

Snow flurries reached Fairlawn, Ohio, reports Valentina Ranaldi-Adams. While riding in a taxi going to the Osaka airport, John S. Gilbertson heard on the radio that one of the car tunnels had collapsed. Hidehito Yasui made a U-turn. Stephen Toft decided not to drive in Lancaster, U.K. A lightshow in Dallas, Texas, inspired Melanie Vance. Priscilla Lignori knew it was going to be a special day in Montgomery, New York.

cold and dry road . ..

swirling particles

of snow

* * *

bright snowflakes fall quiet,

as cars enter the tunnel

cold stone becomes night

* * *

Unmanned road

traffic signs slant in snow

mountain drifts

* * *

snow falling

in the headlights

of a parked car

* * *

colorful streets

under the veil of mist

spirit of light

* * *

The end of the year--

marked by the parking ticket

left on the windshield

Lignori’s family kayaked one last time before the rivers froze over. Paul Geiger went ice-fishing. Nina Kovacic notices a small mound of snow thrown up by a small animal burrowing near the surface. Alexey Andreev lit a campfire.

Traveling upstream

a slick family of four--

Adirondack loons

* * *

winter pleasures

yet the fishing hole

so small

* * *


only a molehill

sticks up

* * *

wet and wriggling

still it burns--

birch bark in snow

Angela Giordano’s chin tickled in Avigliano, Italy. Claire Bowman was stumped by the sight of trees along the Potomac in Virginia. John Hawkhead froze in Bradford on Avon, U.K. Lucia Cardillo nestled with family in Rodi Garganico, Italy. Kovacic was attracted to a warm, amber-colored light.

naked tree--

on the tip of the branch

quarter of the moon

* * *

Bare trunks


the chilled river

* * *

winter chill

her nipples define

the fall of dusk

* * *

sweet chestnuts

enveloped in their husk

. . . family

* * *

an evening

lights the window

of a snow-bound house

A warm moon peered into Michael Dudley’s home in Minto, Ontario: skylight snow melting moonlight. Twelve-year-old Zoie Martin eyes snow in Misawa, Aomori Prefecture.

cold snow

on my eyelash

melts away

Kanematsu searched for answers from haiku masters. Dembonczyk prayed. Sweeney wished there were some other way.

Deep autumn

reading Santoka

then Hosai

* * *

snowy day

your name disappears

from the tombstone

* * *

Depth of autumn

praying for a loophole

in my cosmological constant


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* * *

David McMurray has been writing the Asahi Haikuist Network column since April 1995, first for the Asahi Evening News. He is on the editorial board of the Red Moon Anthology of English-Language Haiku, columnist for the Haiku International Association, and is editor of Teaching Assistance, a column featuring graduate students in The Language Teacher of the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT).

McMurray is professor of intercultural studies at The International University of Kagoshima where he lectures on international haiku. At the Graduate School he supervises students who research haiku. He is a correspondent school teacher of Haiku in English for the Asahi Culture Center in Tokyo.

McMurray judges haiku contests organized by Ito En Oi Ocha, Asahi Culture Center, Matsuyama City, Polish Haiku Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Seinan Jo Gakuin University, and Only One Tree.

McMurray's award-winning books include: "Only One Tree Haiku, Music & Metaphor" (2015); "Canada Project Collected Essays & Poems" Vols. 1 -- 8 (2013); and "Haiku in English as a Japanese Language" (2003).