The new “Mazinger Z” anime film is so hotly anticipated that even the unveiling of a new poster can draw a crowd and have them in raptures, as happened Nov. 16.

“Mazinger Z/ Infinity” will hit theaters in Japan on Jan. 13, with the super robot making its return for the first time in 45 years. The film is being produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of original creator Go Nagai’s manga career in 2017.

The story will see the Mazinger Z pilot, Koji Kabuto, making a crucial decision that affects the fate of humanity.

The special event, “YouTube Music Night with Ichiro Mizuki feat. ‘Mazinger Z/ Infinity’,” was held in Tokyo’s Roppongi district.

The veteran singer is known for singing the theme songs for many anime titles including the original “Mazinger Z” animated TV series.

When the new poster was unveiled after a countdown, the entire audience went bonkers and applauded wildly.

The event concluded with Mizuki’s live performance of the theme song for the film.

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