Photo/IllutrationMount Fuji can be seen from the viewing tower of the Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture. The bench gives an inverted image of the mountain reflected in the water. (Masashi Rokubuichi)

FUJINOMIYA, Shizuoka Prefecture--The Mt. Fuji World Heritage Center, designed by famed architect Shigeru Ban, will open here Dec. 23, offering spectacular views and a simulated climb up Japan’s highest peak.

The viewing tower, west tower and north tower of the center are connected by glass walls and cover a total floor space of 3,400 square meters.

Visitors to the viewing tower who walk up a 193-meter spiral slope can see a panoramic image of Mount Fuji on a wall, giving them the feeling that they are climbing the mountain. The highest part of the tower provides views of the actual 3,776-meter-tall mountain.

An exhibition room features a touch screen that shows clips based on the themes of beliefs, culture and nature of Mount Fuji. The room also has a 4K theater.

Reporters were given a preview of the center on Dec. 19.

Admission is 300 yen ($2.60).