Photo/IllutrationAn artist’s rendition of Wa-Qoo Horyuji, which will open in spring 2019 near Horyuji temple (Provided by Sekisui House Ltd.)

IKARUGA, Nara Prefecture--A temple lodging-style hotel will open on the approach to Horyuji temple here, which is a World Heritage site.

Wa-Qoo Horyuji will open in spring 2019, Sekisui House Ltd. and others announced Dec. 5.

At the hotel, visitors can experience a tea ceremony, flower arrangement, a Noh play and “gagaku” ancient imperial court music. Attracting foreign tourists is the aim of the new hotel.

It will be built about 200 meters from Horyuji temple’s south gate. The building is inspired by the kind of housing where Buddhist monks and worshippers stay.

There are about 60 rooms, and the cost is expected to start at 16,000 yen ($141) per person.

Wa-Qoo Project Co., a consulting company in Osaka, is also involved in building the hotel. In April, the consulting company and Sekisui House created a similar style hotel, Wa-Qoo Shitaderamachi, in Osaka’s Tennoji Ward.

It had an 80 percent occupancy rate as of November and is popular among foreign tourists.