Photo/IllutrationAn artist’s rendition of a convenience store established together with a fitness gym. The first floor is a convenience store while the second floor is a fitness gym open 24 hours. (Provided by FamilyMart Co.)

Along with buying snacks and soft drinks, customers to a leading convenience store chain can soon start working off those extra calories on visits there.

FamilyMart Co. announced Nov. 30 that it plans to enter the fitness gym business by adding the facilities on the sites of its stores.

In February, the company will open its first dual-use outlet that combines a convenience store and fitness gym in Tokyo's Ota Ward. In five years, the number of stores with gyms is scheduled to jump to 300 outlets.

“The biggest question is how to attract new customers,” said Takashi Sawada, president of FamilyMart.

He said the chain is hoping the fitness gym members will also frequent the stores.

After registering through a smartphone, members will be sent workout programs and other information.

The monthly fee will be 7,900 yen ($70.15) with no initiation fee required.

Visitors can enter the 24-hour gyms while wearing a band containing an IC chip. Trainers will not be stationed at all times in the gyms, which won't be staffed late at night and early in the morning. Convenience store owners will operate the gyms.

One expected layout plan will house the FamilyMart store on the first floor and the gym on the second floor. Another will be constructing a fitness building in a section of the parking area. Tens of millions of yens will be invested in renovating each outlet.