Photo/IllutrationThis image shows what sports shoes using graphene will look like. (Provided by Descente Ltd.)

Osaka-based sportswear company Descente Ltd. next year will release the world’s first athletic shoes using graphene, a thin material that is 200 times stronger than iron.

Scientists at the University of Manchester in Britain who developed graphene were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010.

Descente will sell the planned heavy-duty sports shoes through its British subsidiary, Inoveight Ltd., under the G-Series brand so that athletes can use them outdoors or in gyms.

The price has not been determined.

Graphene will be mixed with rubber to create a sole that is 50 percent stronger and more durable than ordinary ones, according to the university.

Graphene, a material isolated from graphite, which consists of carbon atoms, has been used as an ingredient for aircraft and smartphone covers.