Photo/IllutrationA mannequin was used to represent a body in the police investigation into the death of a woman who was locked in a tiny chamber by her parents. An investigator clutching the mannequin leaves the house where Airi Kakimoto died in Neyagawa, Osaka Prefecture, on Dec. 27. (Shogo Mitsuzumi)

NEYAGAWA, Osaka Prefecture--The parents of a 33-year-old woman who froze to death while confined to a tiny chamber at her home were rearrested Jan. 2 on suspicion of holding their daughter against her will and abandoning their responsibility to protect her.

Police said footage from surveillance cameras set up by Yasutaka Kakimoto, 55, and his wife Yukari, 53, at their home showed their daughter Airi barely moving for several days before she died.

Police believe the couple must have been aware their daughter was in a critical state as she was 145 centimeters tall but weighed just 19 kilograms when her body was discovered.

A police autopsy found that she perished from the cold as her ability to maintain her body temperature had deteriorated due to a sharp drop in body fat resulting from malnutrition.

The Kakimotos were first arrested Dec. 23 on suspicion of abandoning their daughter's corpse.

The two have denied being negligent.

“We put her in the chamber to make her recuperate, not to confine her. I was not aware of her emaciation,” police quoted the father, a company employee, as saying.

“It is not confinement, and I do not want to talk more than that,” they quoted Yukari as saying.

Police said the couple kept their daughter prisoner in a chamber measuring 3.3 square meters since around 2002. The chamber was built inside their house and fitted with a portable toilet. It was locked from the outside and had no window.

Airi didn't wear clothes and was given one meal a day. There was no heater in the room, police said.

Police said the couple told them their daughter wore no clothes because she would always take them off despite the season, complaining she was hot.

At least 10 surveillance cameras, including one installed inside the chamber, were set up in and around the house, according to police.

Airi was diagnosed with integration disorder syndrome when she was 16, according to investigators.

The couple were quoted by police as saying they locked her in the chamber after she started behaving violently.

The Kakimotos became aware of their daughter's death only after it was too late, according to police.