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Internet’s down cutting paper snowflakes for the window

--Marina Bellini (Bagnolo San Vito, Italy)

* * *

first call

an unknown wishing me

a happy new year

--Eleonore Nickolay (Vaires sur Marne, France)

* * *

her giggle on phone

brightens an overcast day--

sounds same in Japan

--John S. Gilbertson (Greenville, South Carolina)

* * *

new year’s calligraphy--


in bold strokes

--Yoshiho Satake (Tokyo, Japan)

* * *

first snow drifts off

the corner of the roof

the mailman walks by

--Jeanne Jorgensen (Edmonton, Alberta)

* * *

dry black-eyed peas

into grandma’s old pot

new year

--Agnes Eva Savich (Austin, Texas)

* * *

first date

she orders the most

expensive wine

--Barbara A. Taylor (Mountain Top, New South Wales)

* * *

the singing stops--

the young nightingale

the winter sunrise

--Angela Giordano (Avigliano, Italy)

* * *


empty bottles

on the sidewalk

--Eufemia Griffo (Milan, Italy)

* * *


Grandpa’s toothless smile . ..

New Year’s toast

--Julia Guzman (Cordoba, Argentina)




my haiku on the poetry wall somewhere

--Lee Nash (Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire, France)

The haikuist forgot where she posted her poem. Marie Jeanne Sakhinis-De Meis may have been in sight of Chamonix Mont-Blanc when she scooped up a deliciously light meringue kiss in France. Rosemarie Schuldes and her loved ones excitedly twirled bread and sausage in melted cheese in Gross-Gerau, Germany. The first person to accidentally drop a cube of bread into the pot quickly kisses the others at the table. Jorgensen waited all day for the stroke of midnight.

Mount Fuji--

on the dessert plate

egg whites

* * *

New Year’s Eve


fondue forks

* * *

the New Year

arrives then passes

our good-night kiss

A walk in the forest reminded Schuldes of her grandfather. Isao Soematsu walked alongside worshippers in Nagoya. During New Year’s millions of people visit Atsuta Jingu Shrine. Christof Blumentrath wiped the slate clean. It’s been snowing day after day in Romania, reports Maria Tirenescu.

brown leaves

the fragrance of

grandpa’s cigars

* * *

Crunching sound

gravel underfoot--

New Year’s shrine

* * *


covered by snow--

New Year’s morning

* * *

evening quiet--

from time to time a flake falls

onto yesterday

Awaking in Ghana, Adjei Agyei-Baah noted a gradual, steady increase in what will surely be a new year of prosperity. Joyous in Bhubaneswar, India Pravat Kumar Padhy feels connected to everyone. Soematsu’s family worshipped at a depository for a sword recognized as one of Japan’s three sacred imperial treasures. Doc Sunday climbed uphill in Hiroshima. Ramona Linke walked out onto the street to celebrate the New Year in Germany. Kristjaan Panneman realized that what goes around comes around Lelystad, the Netherlands. Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo cheered from The Hague. Mihovila Ceperic-Biljan cheered a champagne-gray sky over Croatia. Luciana Moretto popped open yet another bottle in Italy. Aju Mukhopadhyay counts another birthday in Pondicherry, India.

New Year’s Day

the rooster’s call


* * *

global festival

everyone celebrates

the Happy New Year

* * *

Atsuta Shrine--

all my family celebrate

the New Year

* * *


praying at sunrise

New Year’s Day

* * *


the shine in the eyes

of an old hermit

* * *


Scaring the ghosts of last year

Still the same wind

* * *

champagne bubbles--

the remains of the year

in my glass

* * *

New Year

a glass of champagne

full of sunset

* * *

Champagne night--

far too many corks

in my life

* * *

we celebrate

our passing years

in New Years

Having made resolutions in Arnold, Maryland, Alexis Rotella boldly steps into 2018 with this one-liner: mapped out on a napkin from the pizza place my future. Shining in the limelight, Ken Sawitri takes a bow in Blora, Indonesia.

The comedian stepping slowly

into the spotlight

. . . coconut moon

Ashoka Weerakkody cleaned up after the party was over in Colombo, Sri Lanka. That sentiment resonated with Sydell Rosenberg (1929-1996) in New York. Klemens Antusch finished up a long night in Germany. A promising new year began in Krasnodar, Russia, suggests Nikolay Grankin. Nazarena Rampini had a compromised view in Pogliano Milanese, Italy.

in daddy’s pocket

dumping the rubbish--

Tin Tin rescued

* * *

After the New Year

sanitation trucks decked

with Xmas wreaths

* * *

after the night shift

in a row at the bus stop

empty wine bottles

* * *

first day of the year

a homeless man feeds

the doves cake

* * *

first night of the year--

the moon among pines

neither old nor new

Kiyoshi Fukuzawa takes his time, sipping coffee and watching passersby.


shoved to the corner

busy cafe

Linke knows some things never change. Angelee Deodhar dreams of an extended life. Angela Giordano has work to do. Lucia Cardillo saunters on.

boxing week

and his dream of change

incoming tide

* * *

first dream of the year

my garden

full of cranes

* * *

beginning of the year--

dreams set aside

inside the drawer

* * *

New Year . ..

this trip continues

the hands in pocket

In Narok, Kenya, Mercy Ikuri has already left for work: New Year just another Monday morning in a new suit


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