Battery-free LED false eyelashes emit flashing green lights, created by Ritsumeikan University and Shiseido Co. (Video footage by Yoshiko Sato)

KYOTO--For those really wanting to light up a room and make their eyes pop, wireless light-emitting diode false eyelashes are in the foreseeable future.

Ritsumeikan University and cosmetics giant Shiseido Co. unveiled the battery-free lashes to the media on Jan. 11 here.

“I wonder if there could be a demand as a new type of fashion statement in the dark at events such as concerts, dance parties or firework events,” said a Shiseido official.

The research team including Ritsumeikan University professor Takakuni Doseki, who specializes in electronic engineering, created the small 3.5-cm-long receiver device with an LED and antenna and attached it to commercially available false eyelashes.

The technology is called “wireless power feeding,” whose characteristic is transmitting power using microwaves from remote places.

At the public demonstration on Jan. 11, false eyelashes attached to a mannequin doll were lit in green through microwaves sent remotely from a power-transmitting device.

In the future, the group wants to apply the technology for lightweight wearable devices that allow the recording of the wearer's body temperature or pulse rate.

As the power from microwave is lower than government standards for this energy source, researchers say there are no harmful influences on the human body.

So far, 1.5 meters is the limit of transmitting power, but the team plans to further extend the range. It also hopes to conduct a demonstration in which people will wear the LED false eyelashes.