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The first Dragon Ball Cafe & Diner opened at the Hilton Plaza West in Osaka’s Umeda district, serving authentic Chinese foods inspired by the globally popular manga and anime franchise.

The eatery, which opened on Dec. 8, will also open at the Natural Cream Kitchen restaurant in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward on Jan. 15.

In addition, the limited-time Dragon Ball Cafe & Diner Shop is currently operating at the Osaka restaurant and at toy shop chain Kiddy Land’s three outlets in the two cities, with the shop also set to open at the cafe and diner’s Tokyo venue.

Diners can enjoy “Dragon Ball"-inspired dishes at the Osaka venue inside the classy Tokokuro Chinese restaurant chain’s Hilton Plaza West branch.

The menu includes a ball of mango and orange-flavored chocolate mousse modeled after the Four-Star Dragon Ball, which is limited to 200 pieces per day. Also offered at the eatery is a pancake themed on the Flying Nimbus.

The Dragon Ball Cafe & Diner Shop deals in an array of related goods, such as an MA-1 featuring a logo and illustration provided for the special bomber jacket.

The shop is operating inside Kiddy Land’s outlets in Umeda in Osaka and Harajuku and Kichijoji districts in Tokyo, while it is also set up at the cafe and diner in Umeda. The shop will also open at the Tokyo venue.

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