The Ebisu Tower, a Ferris wheel, carries passengers during a trial run after a 10-year suspension. A staff member says, “Have a nice trip,” and waves in Osaka’s Chuo Ward on Jan. 15. (Yoshinori Mizuno)

OSAKA--Lucky winners in a lottery rode on the Ebisu Tower here Jan. 15, the first time the Ferris wheel has carried passengers in almost 10 years.

The 77-meter-high attraction had been gathering dust since a defect was found on a rail in 2008.

The guests enjoyed the 15-minute aerial tour in renovated cars that can each carry four passengers.

The lozenge-shaped big wheel stands next to the Dotonbori outlet of Don Quijote Co. in the Minami district of Chuo Ward.

The discount store chain repaired and remodeled the popular landmark at a cost of 250 million yen ($2.3 million) after multiple requests from sightseers.

“I rode the Ebisu Tower when I was a sixth-grader in elementary school,” Satsuki Hasegawa, 22, who lives in Izumi, Osaka Prefecture, said aboard a car as she enjoyed gazing over the city. “This reminds me of those days.”

The Ebisu Tower will be open to the public from Jan. 19 with the fare at 600 yen per person.