Photo/IllutrationThe Clone Wanko dog model, right, and the original toy poodle, named Hana-chan (Rei Kishitsu)

Toy poodle Hana-chan appeared a little confused when introduced to its “doppelganger,” and no wonder, as the identical-looking “dog” is more toy than poodle.

Hana-chan’s double is actually the ultra-realistic Clone Wanko model, made by Blast Inc., to look so similar to the real thing that it is hard to tell them apart.

The Clone Wanko features hair, eyes, nose and pads faithfully reproduced with special modeling techniques, such as using silicone rubber for the skin and resin for eyes.

Blast, based in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, works with an art studio that provides props for use in Hollywood movies.

Company officials said they plan to make dog models to order for people who have lost their pets, among others, and with 2018 being the Year of the Dog, their timing could be just right.

A Clone Wanko will carry a price tag of 3 million to 4.5 million yen ($26,700 to $40,100).