Photo/Illutration“Mirai of the Future” (Provided by Toho Co.)

  • Photo/Illustraion

“Mirai no Mirai” (Mirai of the future), the latest offering from critically acclaimed anime director Mamoru Hosoda, will premiere on July 20.

The new film is a story about Kun-chan, a spoiled, 4-year-old boy who goes on an adventure with Mirai, his younger sister from the future.

The story is set in a small house with a small garden in Yokohama.

Hosoda has made family-themed films based on his own experiences and other ideas.

“‘Wolf Children’ was about child-rearing, and ‘The Boy and The Beast’ was about being a father, but this time around, it is about siblings,” he said.

The director said he decided to focus on the brother-sister relationship after he saw his 5-year-old son trying to win the affection of his mother, who recently gave birth to a girl.

A poster showing Kun-chan and Mirai holding hands and flying through the air was unveiled. Mirai is wearing a sailor-style school uniform.

“Children are the future itself. I expressed children’s dynamism and the bond between the siblings in this illustration,” Hosoda said.

The storyboards have been completed, with the director now creating anime illustrations and running auditions for the movie’s voice cast, he said.