Shinji Higuchi is serving as executive director for an original TV anime series centered around an Air Self-Defense Force pilot for a dragon that can mimic a fighter aircraft.

Higuchi, “Shin Godzilla” co-director and VFX director, has joined with leading anime screenwriter Mari Okada for the new series, titled “Hisone to Masotan” (Hisone and Masotan).

The story will focus on Hisone Amakasu, a rookie pilot who finds herself assigned to the dragon, which is hidden at the ASDF's Gifu base, by a twist of fate. It is said that dragons can affect the fate of a nation, but it remains to be seen what secrets they hold.

Higuchi announced the news during an event held at Tokyo Comic Con 2017 in December. He said it is an original project not based on any book or manga.

Okada's past works include “Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day.”

The new series, which premieres this year, is directed by “Kiznaiver” director Hiroshi Kobayashi, with character designer Toshinao Aoki, who has “Kimi no Koe wo Todoketai” under his belt, also joining the production.

The series is produced by anime studio Bones Inc.

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