Photo/IllutrationSublime Ruby Kit Kats and ruby cacaos, a raw material (Provided by Nestle Japan Ltd.)

Nestle Japan Ltd. resumed sales of “pigment-free pink” Kit Kat bars made of ruby cacao, the first chocolate product to use the plant as a raw ingredient.

Starting on Feb. 1, assorted boxes, which include Sublime Ruby Kit Kat bars, have been sold at permanent Kitkat Chocolatory stores, online and seasonal pop-up shops for Valentine’s Day.

Ruby cacao is grown in Brazil and elsewhere, but it had not been used as a raw material for chocolates.

Nestle Japan has developed a variety of Kit Kat bars, including bitter chocolate, milk and white ones. It has also produced pink Kit Kats, but that color was extracted from other ingredients.

A Swiss company developed a technology to use ruby cacao’s natural color in chocolate. Nestle Japan is the first company to use this technology on a commercial basis.

The Sublime Ruby Kit Kat bars taste of fresh sour berries.

A five-piece assorted box costs 1,800 yen ($16.60), excluding tax, while a seven-piece box is priced at 2,400 yen. Each box contains two ruby cacao Kit Kat bars.

Kit Kat Chocolate Sublime Ruby was sold online and at the specialty shops from Jan. 19 to 25 for 400 yen per bar, excluding tax.