NAGANO--A married Filipino woman who was being stalked has become the third fatality of a fire here when dying in the hospital, police have announced.

Flora Cabornay Kitamura, 41, died in the early hours of Feb. 6 from injuries sustained in the blaze, which started shortly after 10 a.m. on Feb. 4.

She was married to Shoichi Kitamura, 57, who is believed to have died inside their two-story wooden home, which was gutted by the fire in the Kazama district of Nagano.

The other man, also found dead at the property, is believed to be a Filipino man who had been accused of stalking the woman.

Police believe this man broke into the house on Feb. 4 and started the fire, which they are investigating as a case of both murder and arson.

The husband's mother, 85, who suffered minor injuries in the fire, said that a man brandishing a knife broke in the home and attacked the three family members, according to sources.

Police said the wife had repeatedly been stalked by a Filipino man who lived in Yamanashi Prefecture. She had complained to police in December, and they had warned him to stay away from her.

Nagano prefectural police will determine the cause of her death by judicial autopsy.