Kyoto's Kiyomizudera temple emerges from inside a notepad. (Provided by Triad Inc.)

OSAKA--A colorful miniature of Kyoto’s Kiyomizudera temple is built block by block as you scribble down on a notepad and tear off its pages.

Alternatively, you may fancy building your own personal Tokyo Tower on your desk.

Sophisticated 3-D figures gradually emerge from inside Triad Inc.’s Omoshiroi (interesting) Block notepads, whose pages have different perforated lines.

The pad featuring Kiyomizudera consists of 150 pages, each measuring 8 centimeters by 8 cm.

When all the pages are used and removed, the carefully reproduced temple, complete with its famed Kiyomizu no Butai platform, can be viewed.

Omoshiroi Block notepads sold out soon after they hit the shelves at the Tokyu Hands Umeda store in Osaka in December and again in February, although the priciest ones cost 10,000 yen ($92).

The notepads created a buzz online, with some posters admiring them as “too artistic.” The website of Triad, an Osaka-based building model maker, temporarily crashed due to a flood of visitors.

The series includes 22 kinds of notepads, such as those featuring the famed Kaminarimon gate in Tokyo’s Asakusa district, a piano and a camera.

While the thinnest pad with 20 pages carries a price tag of 980 yen, the thickest one comprising 150 pages is available for 10,000 yen.

When a ripped page is folded in half, various figures, such as a person ladling hot water during the tea ceremony and a bowing “maiko” (apprentice geisha), will appear on the folded line.

Since each page of the pad is cut with a laser device and processed carefully by hand, it is difficult to produce many notepads quickly.

Triad is producing additional pads so they can be made available at some retailers in the Kansai region.

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