Photo/IllutrationA police officer walks by the gate, covered in a blue sheet, where shots were fired at the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan office in Tokyo on Friday. (Takeshi Tokitsu/The Asahi Shimbun)

Police have arrested two Japanese men believed to be right-wing activists for shooting at North Korea's de facto embassy in Tokyo.

Police said Friday that the men fired several shots at the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, a pro-Pyongyang group representing ethnic Koreans in Japan.

They said the men, aged 46 and 56, drove by in a vehicle and one of them fired several shots. The gate was damaged but nobody was injured.

Police said their motive was not known.

Patrolling police rushed to the closely monitored organization and arrested the men on the spot, confiscating a gun.

Tokyo has no diplomatic ties with Pyongyang, but tens of thousands of pro-Pyongyang ethnic Koreans live in Japan and still have relatives in the North.