Photo/IllutrationGolden “shogi” pieces (Takaki Furusawa)

OGAKI, Gifu Prefecture--An autoparts maker here is adding luster to traditional Japanese board games, with “shogi” the latest to experience the company’s Midas touch.

Hayano Kenko Co., a metal processor, has started selling gold-plated shogi pieces. A standard king piece weighs 40 grams.

In summer 2016, Hayano Kenko marketed mah-jongg pieces covered with 24-carat gold. It was based on an idea from employees to “make many ordinary people understand our processing techniques through the creation of daily goods.”

Letters and illustrations are etched into the base iron.

The product proved so popular that 300 mah-jongg pieces have been sold to date.

After visitors at exhibitions featuring the special mah-jongg pieces and other events asked Hayano Kenko if it makes shogi pieces, the company decided to create the golden pieces, according to officials.

The shogi pieces are made to order, with each priced at between 5,500 and 7,000 yen ($51 to $65), excluding tax, depending on size. A set of 40 pieces costs 250,000 yen before tax.

One shogi piece can be delivered within three weeks of the order, while the 40-piece package requires one month.