“Hisone to Masotan” (Hosone and Masotan), an animated TV series about an Air Self-Defense Force pilot who rides a dragon that can mimic a fighter jet, will start airing in April.

The announcement of the project caused a stir among anime fans because Shinji Higuchi, who worked as co-director and VFX director for the live-action “Shin Godzilla” movie, serves as executive director. The new series is his first anime outing in more than 20 years.

Leading anime screenwriter Mari Okada, best known for her work in “Anohana: The Flower We Saw that Day,” is also attached to the project.

The title is directed by “Kiznaiver” director Hiroshi Kobayashi and produced by Bones Inc., the anime studio behind the “Eureka Seven” series.

“Hisone to Masotan” will be aired by Tokyo Metropolitan Television Broadcasting Corp. (Tokyo MX), BS Fuji Inc. and other broadcasters.

Visit the official website at (http://hisomaso.com/).

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