Photo/IllutrationFifteen luxury cars are showcased at the Cornes Collection New Otani Gallery in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Word on Feb. 19. (Katsunori Takahashi)

The famed Hotel New Otani in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward is revving up the luxury stakes with a new on-site showroom showcasing some of the world’s most desirable motors.

Fifteen imported autos including a British Rolls-Royce and an Italian Ferrari are lined up in the Cornes Collection New Otani Gallery showroom, which is operated by high-end car dealer Cornes Motors Ltd.

Aiming to attract Japan’s wealthy and foreigners visiting Japan, including guests at the hotel, the facility is also intended to have a more relaxed feel than the typical expensive car showroom.

Stepping into prestigious car showrooms can sometimes make people feel out of place and hesitant to enter, so the company in Tokyo’s Minato Ward came up with the idea of opening the outlet at the hotel where people are able to enter more easily and casually.

"It is easier to close the deal with hotel guests staying with their families because staff at the showroom can hear views from their wives who have control over the purse strings," said a Cornes Motors public relations officer.

Although the vehicles currently on display in the 571-square-meter space are all used, most of their price tags exceed 20 million yen ($187,000). A super-luxury Lamborghini is currently the top-priced car at 62.3 million yen including tax.

Those who want to consult on the values of their used luxury cars can talk to the store staff permanently stationed at the gallery who specialize in assessing used car prices, and they have the option of selling them there by taking them to the showroom.

The Hotel New Otani showroom is the second one Cornes Motors has opened at an upscale hotel, following one at Rihga Royal Hotel Osaka, which opened in March 2017 with four prestigious vehicles on display.

The Osaka showroom has seen brisk sales to hotel guests visiting Japan from Asian countries such as China.