Firefighters work to extinguish a fire in Miki, Hyogo Prefecture, on March 4. The fire burned down two houses and the Miki Station building of Kobe Electric Railway Co.’s Ao Line. (Provided by a resident living nearby)

MIKI, Hyogo Prefecture--Passengers on a train that pulled into a burning station here on March 4 evacuated safely amid a raging fire that destroyed two nearby houses and the station building.

With the blaze engulfing the building of the unmanned Miki Station of Kobe Electric Railway Co.’s Ao Line, a train bound for Kobe arrived at the station. All 11 passengers evacuated the train after it entered the station, the railway company said.

According to the Miki fire department and Hyogo prefectural police, a fire station received a phone call at around 6 p.m. on March 4 reporting that a two-story house was on fire.

The whereabouts of a man in his 60s, who was living in the house, was still unknown as of noon on March 5, police said.

The fire then spread to the train station, located north of the house, and another two-story house, situated south of the home. The fire gutted the three buildings, which had a total space of about 630 square meters.

The blaze was extinguished at around 11:10 p.m.

On March 5, the railway company resumed operations of the Ao Line from the day’s first trains. However, the number of train services was reduced to half.