Following outrage from the Mongolian community, a publisher is recalling all unsold copies of a children’s manga magazine that features a boy scribbling a penis on a portrait of Genghis Khan.

Shogakukan Inc. said March 6 it is collecting the March issue of “Gekkan Corocoro Comic” and will print an apology in the April issue to be released soon.

Asumi Yoshino, the artist of the offending manga, posted an apology on the magazine’s official website on the same day, saying she is “truly sorry about the extremely inappropriate presentation.”

The publisher said the recall was ordered because the manga offended people who admire Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongolian empire, and to minimize confusion at bookstores around Japan.

“Suspensions of book sales are considered on a case-by-case basis, and this was a serious case,” a public relations official at the company said.

The official said the contents of manga are usually checked first by an editor in charge, followed by two senior editors. The final check before the comic is approved for publication is conducted by the editor in chief.

“In this case, all of them lacked knowledge of--and consideration for--the history and culture of Mongolia,” the official said.

After the manga was released in February, Mongolians and ethnic Mongolians held protests in front of Shogakukan’s headquarters in Tokyo. Mongolian government officials and sumo wrestlers also voiced criticism about the comic.

Some bookstores have already pulled the March issue from their shelves.

“Although some of our outlets had already started packing up the stock, we, as a company policy, planned to respect whatever decision is made by the publisher,” an official at Tsutaya Co., which operates book rental and sales stores around Japan, told The Asahi Shimbun.

Kinokuniya Co., another nationwide bookseller, said it stopped offering the issue on Feb. 25, after the problem was widely publicized, and returned the unsold copies to the publisher.