Photo/IllutrationTwo spherical mobile floating hotels anchored in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, on March 6 (Yuji Yamashita)

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SASEBO, Nagasaki Prefecture--Overnight guests at the Huis Ten Bosch (HTB) theme park here will soon be able to sleep in spherical hotel rooms on water, if it’s what floats their boat.

Two ball-shaped units featuring a 28-square-meter guest room on the first floor and a 5-square-meter deck on a second level were unveiled to the media on March 6.

The futuristic-looking pods will be used to travel back into the distant past. They will voyage to Jurassic Island, a groundbreaking attraction featuring an augmented reality dinosaur experience on an uninhabited island owned by HTB, which opens April 28.

Each mobile floating hotel measuring 6.4 meters in diameter also includes a bathroom, toilet and television.

Passengers will board the boats at the theme park in the evening and travel the 6-kilometer southwestern sea route to the island overnight, towed by a bigger ship.

HTB is to trial the floating hotel service this month at the earliest, and plans to open it to the public this summer.

“It will be exciting if we can expand (the business) in lakes and seas with gentle waves worldwide in the future,” said Hideo Sawada, HTB president.

The experience will cost between 50,000 yen ($470) and 100,000 yen per boat, according to Sawada.