Photo/IllutrationNaoki Urasawa speaks at the Paris city hall on Feb. 12, a day before the opening of an exhibition featuring original manuscripts for his manga titles and his childhood drawings. (Photo by Gregoire Sauvage)

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PARIS--An exhibition dedicated to manga giant Naoki Urasawa has opened in France, where the artist known for “Monster” and other titles is enormously popular.

The Art of Naoki Urasawa exhibition started at the Paris city hall on Feb. 13.

Most of Urasawa’s works have been translated into French, and his comics are available in public libraries in the country.

“A slight difference in a drawing line represents what the character is feeling. None of the facial expressions is the same,” Urasawa said. “I want people in France who can read into things to see the exhibition.”

The exhibition was held earlier this year as part of France’s Angouleme International Comics Festival, one of the largest events in Europe dedicated to comics.

More than 400 illustrations, including original manga manuscripts with noticeable traces of correction fluid and drawings from his childhood, are on display.

A number of Urasawa's manga, from well-known titles “Yawara!” and “20th Century Boys” to the Louvre-themed “Mujirushi,” his latest work, are also featured to show his storytelling and character development techniques.

“I want to pass the legacy inherited (from Osamu Tezuka and other manga legends) to the next generations,” Urasawa said. “I think that points that we find interesting are universal.”

A staff member at the Angouleme festival said the flavor of Urasawa’s works can be felt by Europeans through the emotions crammed into each character’s facial expressions.

The exhibition runs until the end of March. Admission is free.