SINGAPORE--A Malaysian firefighter turned “snake whisperer” who shot to international fame on the TV show “Asia’s Got Talent” has died after being bitten by a cobra.

Abu Zarin Hussin, 33, was attempting to catch the snake in central Malaysia on March 12 when it bit him, unleashing venom strong enough to kill an elephant.

He was treated in a hospital, but died on March 16, local media reported.

Hussin was known around the world for kissing cobras or teaching them tricks.

He appeared as a contestant on “Asia’s Got Talent” in 2017, which was aired in many countries around the continent.

Malaysian media simultaneously aired tributes to Hussin in response to his death. One report said of the incident that “a unique talent has been lost.”

Hussin had been bitten by cobras a number of times before. He was hospitalized in 2015 and in a coma for two days.