Photo/IllutrationCrown Prince Naruhito shakes hands with Loic Fauchon, honorary president of the World Water Council, at the 8th World Water Forum in Brasilia, Brazil, on March 20. (Pool)

BRASILIA--Crown Prince Naruhito met with Japanese and Brazilian students on March 20 while visiting exhibition booths at the 8th World Water Forum to see the efforts and actions being taken on critical water issues.

Naruhito met three Japanese students, including one studying the environment of the Ongagawa river in Fukuoka Prefecture, at the Japan pavilion where representatives of Japanese local governments, citizens’ groups, companies and other organizations were in attendance.

The crown prince also met two third-generation Japanese-Brazilian male students at the venue.

When he learned that one of the students is making efforts to spread Japanese culture in Brazil, such as the Japanese language and swordplay, Naruhito told him, “That’s incredible. Please keep it up.”

He also asked another student who teaches Japanese his opinions on teaching.

The student said that it was a great honor for him to speak with the crown prince, and that he would continue to strive to promote Japanese culture.

Naruhito also attended sessions at the event on topics such as the water crisis in Brazil, and departed Brasilia International Airport on the night of March 20 on a commercial flight to return to Japan.