Photo/IllutrationSerial murder suspect Takahiro Shiraishi’s Twitter site. He set up the account under the name “Kubitsuri-shi” (Expert on hanging) in September 2017. (Captured by Twitter)

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Accused serial killer Takahiro Shiraishi, arrested March 22 on suspicion of murdering a ninth victim, has been quoted by police as telling them, “I wanted to be a gigolo."

Shiraishi, 27, was first arrested Oct. 31, 2017, on suspicion of abandoning a corpse. That was followed by nine arrests for murder, the latest being on suspicion of killing a 17-year-old high school girl from Saitama Prefecture.

He has admitted killing and dismembering a total of eight women and one man at his apartment in Zama, Kanagawa Prefecture, police say.

When police searched the unit, they found nine human heads and other body parts including legs and arms in storage boxes and coolers.

Shiraishi will now undergo a psychiatric examination to determine his criminal liability before he is dealt with in court.

“I wanted to be a gigolo. I thought I could acquire women if they were mentally weak,” Shiraishi allegedly told police.

He said his motive was to be financially supported by them, according to police.

Shiraishi, who was born in Zama, was described as a “quiet and good boy” in his elementary and junior high school days.

After graduating from high school, he was working at a supermarket by 2011. Then, after working part time at pachinko parlors and other places, he began recruiting prostitutes.

In February 2017, Shiraishi was arrested and held by Ibaraki prefectural police on suspicion of violating the Employment Security Law by introducing women to brothels while knowing they would become prostitutes.

The suspect said at that time he didn’t want to be involved with the police again, police said.

He was released on bail and was allowed to return home.

“I then wanted to live my life free and easy," police quoted him as saying, "but I was pressured by my father who kept pestering me to find work.”

He then set up a Twitter account and began posting comments that gave the false impression that he wanted to commit suicide.

He soon had several accounts and when women responded to his posts, he would try and arrange a meeting, police said.

Police said Shiraishi managed to meet several women who gave him clothing and food.

Shiraishi is said to have told police that "normal" women were not interested in him.

In August 2017, he met a 21-year-old woman living in Atsugi, also in Kanagawa Prefecture, who implied on Twitter that she was suicidal.

Police said he told her he was penniless and asked her to give him all of her money. She gave him 510,000 yen ($4,900), which he used to rent an apartment.

“I did well for the first time. I also wanted to fulfill my sexual desires,” police quoted Shiraishi as saying.

He then murdered her and hid her body, police said.

Police believe this case may have been the catalyst for the subsequent killing spree.