Photo/IllutrationAn artist's rendition of a new gold-colored tram that will make its maiden trip carrying 50 lucky passengers on April 1 (Provided by Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau)

OSAKA--Fifty lucky “golden ticket” winners are set to climb aboard a new gold-colored tram in Osaka on April 1 for its maiden voyage.

Newly established Osaka Metro Co. will run the four-car tram on the New Tram Nanko Port Town Line to celebrate the privatization of the Osaka municipal subway. Osaka Metro will take over the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau's operations.

In the spirit of wishing a glorious future for the new company, the operator invited 50 applicants to ride the first tram, and was inundated with over 2,000 applications, leaving a less than 1-in-40 chance for applicants to seize the rare opportunity.

Only one of the New Tram Nanko Port Town Line’s 20 tram sets feature golden cars, making it a likely bet for special status among rail fans. Moreover, Osaka Metro will keep the travel times secret after the inaugural run.

“If you catch a glimpse of the tram, it may bring you good luck,” said an Osaka Metro official.