This Japanese gecko, born without black pigments, is considered a bringer of luck and happiness. (Video by Cho Tsuin)

IWATA, Shizuoka Prefecture--A rare albino Japanese gecko that has poor vision and difficulty catching food could soon be on display to bring luck to visitors.

Shizuma Yanagisawa, 23, a staff member of the Ryuyo Konchu Shizen Kansatsu Koen insectarium here, has kept the cream-colored lizard, about 9 centimeters long, at his home since September.

A woman found the male gecko at her home in Kikugawa, also in Shizuoka Prefecture, soon after its birth. She took the reptile to the insectarium because it would not eat.

“He is lovely as he poses and moves his eyes restlessly,” Yanagisawa said.

While Japanese geckoes typically have gray bodies, white geckoes are said to bring people good fortune and happiness.

Yanagisawa has to bring food to the mouth of his gecko because its lack of black pigments has led to bad eyesight.

Yanagisawa is currently working to put the Japanese gecko on display.

He has obtained a pet care adviser license in hopes that the insectarium will be granted first-class animal-related business operator status, allowing the reptile to be shown at the facility.

Yanagisawa said he hopes his pet will amuse young visitors.

“I want children to view not only insects but also other living creatures so they can expand their field of interest,” he said.