A new IT firm launched on April 1 has a job tailor-made for a "genius," offering up to 100 million yen ($943,825) a year for talent who can change the worldwide fashion industry through technology.

Start Today Technologies Inc., based in Tokyo, is recruiting a maximum of seven genius and 50 "uniquely talented" people from Ph.D. degree holders, researchers, engineers, designers and analysts.

The firm is a subsidiary of Start Today Co., based in Chiba, an operator of Zozotown, a leading Japanese online fashion website.

To start its new venture that will seek out new projects that utilize artificial intelligence to analyze huge amounts of data, the company is soliciting talented individuals who could take leadership roles such as researchers specializing in AI.

If categorized as a genius, their yearly salary would range between 10 million and 100 million yen annually. If classified as uniquely talented, their annual pay would fall between 4 million and 10 million yen.

The company will continue its recruiting efforts through May 18.