Photo/Illutration“Shin Godzilla” ((c) 2016 Toho Co., Ltd.)

An escape game themed on the “Shin Godzilla” movie is to come to Tokyo’s Kabukicho nightlife and entertainment district.

“Shin Godzilla karano Dasshutsu” (Escape from Shin Godzilla) will start on April 26 at the Tokyo Mystery Circus theme park in the capital’s Shinjuku Ward, bringing the “king of monsters” to the escape game scene for the first time.

Participants will face a scenario in which they become members of the “Kyosaitai” task force specifically set up to deal with disasters caused by gigantic, mysterious creatures, and must solve puzzles and crack codes to attack Godzilla. They can enjoy the immersive monster experience with original footage created with the help of film company Toho Co. for the game, in which Godzilla attacks Kabukicho.

The game will be held in the first basement floor of Tokyo Mystery Circus. Participants need to form teams of four and have 60 minutes to complete the game.

“Shin Godzilla karano Dasshutsu” will be held twice on April 26-27. It will be offered three times on weekdays and five times on weekends and holidays on and after April 28.

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