Photo/IllutrationThe Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force resupply vessel Tokiwa and the Royal Navy frigate Sutherland perform procedures for refueling at sea off the Kanto region on April 27. (Provided by the Maritime Self-Defense Force)

  • Photo/Illustraion

Vessels and aircraft of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force and the Royal Navy participated in their first joint exercise in the sea off the Kanto region, the Defense Ministry announced April 29.

The exercise, held April 27 and 28, was designed to heighten the MSDF’s tactical skills and strengthen its cooperation with the Royal Navy, it said.

In addition, the training was also apparently aimed at continuing pressure on North Korea.

The governments of Japan and Britain agreed on staging the joint exercise in a meeting of their foreign ministers and defense ministers in December.

According to the ministry, the MSDF dispatched the destroyer Suzunami, the resupply vessel Tokiwa, P-1 patrol aircraft and submarines while the Royal Navy assigned the frigate Sutherland.

They conducted anti-submarine drills and also performed procedures for refueling at sea.