OSAKA--A mother was arrested on suspicion of killing her 2-year-old daughter by dropping her from the fifth-floor balcony of their apartment here, apparently due to fatigue from child-rearing, on April 30.

Osaka prefectural police said Yoshimi Sekimoto, 31, a resident of Osaka’s Sumiyoshi Ward, admitted to the allegation.

Her daughter Yuzuki’s death was confirmed at a hospital.

The girl died of bruising she suffered when she fell to the parking area of the apartment grounds, about 12 meters below the veranda, around 9:20 a.m. that day. The enclosure around the balcony is about 1.1 meters high.

Police said there were no signs of chronic abuse on the toddler’s body.

Sekimoto told police that she was “tired of child-rearing,” according to investigative sources.

She lived in the apartment with her 36-year-old husband and Yuzuki. When the incident occurred, her husband was with them.

“I tried to stop her when, all of a sudden, she tried to hurl her over,” he told police, according to the investigative sources.

He said his wife was “mentally unstable” and considered seeking treatment.

A woman living in the same apartment building said she heard a scream some time past 9 a.m. When she looked down, she saw a young girl lying on the ground. She said a man was giving the girl cardiac massage when she rushed to the scene.