Photo/IllutrationMembers of Nagoya Clear’s, foreground, pose for a photo after cleaning the streets on April 17 in Nagoya’s Naka Ward. (Yoshinobu Matsunaga)

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NAGOYA--To add to their “squeaky clean” image, pop idols here--clad in overalls--are picking trash off the streets.

The female singing group Nagoya Clear’s touts itself as the “cleaning unit” because all its members have obtained the cleaner qualification from the Nihon Soji Noryoku Kentei Kyokai (Japan cleaning ability evaluation association).

Working with its fans, Nagoya Clear’s participates in cleaning campaigns in Nagoya to help keep the streets clean and revitalize local communities.

On the morning of April 17, the Osoji Go Round street-cleaning event took place near a TV tower in the Sakae district here.

Nagoya Clear’s joined the event, which is part of the Sakae Go Round local promotional project developed by commercial facilities in the region.

About 30 fans who learned of the event through social networking websites and by other means also participated in picking up cigarette butts, plastic bottles and other items. Afterwards, they took photos and shook hands with Nagoya Clear’s members.

The cleaning event, in which Nagoya Clear’s sings the theme song of the same name as the campaign, is held on the third Tuesday of each month. The tune not only promotes tourist spots and commercial facilities in Nagoya but calls on the public to participate.

“The song is cheerful and happy,” said Riho Kanda, 22, the leader of Nagoya Clear’s. “I want many people to hear our singing the tune and help clean the streets and revitalize the town.”

Nagoya Clear’s consists of eight members ranging in age from 13 to 24. While the group holds concerts and other music events, it also voluntarily participates in cleaning activities regularly held in Nagoya’s Osu district, around Nagoya Station and elsewhere.

Nagoya Clear’s has many “sister groups” across Japan.

The first Clear’s unit was formed in Tokyo in 2011 to “contribute to society,” and there are now nine franchise groups across the nation. Nagoya Clear’s was established in 2012.

Under the catchphrase, “Towns are not your trash cans,” the Clear’s headquarters in Tokyo provides songs, dance compositions and the know-how on managing the unit to branches throughout the nation, each of which perform mainly in local areas.

For more information on Nagoya Clear’s, visit its official website at or Twitter account at @nagoyaclears