Yokozuna Kakuryu won the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo on May 27 after forcing out rival yokozuna Hakuho, capturing the Emperor’s Cup for the second time in a row.

Kakuryu avoided a playoff with sekiwake Tochinoshin, who won the penultimate bout against maegashira No. 5 Ikioi to keep his hopes alive.

It marked the first time that the 32-year-old Mongolian won two consecutive tournaments, following his triumph in Osaka in March. He ended the 15-day tourney, held in Ryogoku Kokugikan, with 14 wins and one loss for his fifth career title.

Hakuho finished with 11 wins and four losses. The other yokozuna, Kisenosato, was absent from Day 1 due to injuries.

Tochinoshin is expected to be promoted to the second-highest ozeki rank for the next tournament, to be held in Nagoya in July.

The Georgian met the roughly defined criteria for promotion to ozeki of a total of 33 wins in the three latest tournaments as a sekiwake or komusubi, the fourth-highest rank.

He marked 37 wins in total over three tournaments--14 in January, 10 in March and 13 in May--though he was a maegashira No. 3 in the January New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, when he won the Emperor's Cup for the first time.

In the latest tournament, Kakuryu, who is 186 centimeters tall and weighs 159 kilograms, got off to a good start, winning on the first three days. On Day 4, however, he lost to maegashira No. 2 Shohozan.

Kakuryu rebounded after that, picking up momentum with each win. On Day 14, he won a toughly contested bout with co-leader Tochinoshin, who had also lost only one bout to that point.

The victory at the summer tournament was a good birthday present for Kakuryu's son, who turned 1 on May 22 and for his daughter, who will turn 3 on May 29.