Star Flyer Inc. uses an all-male cabin crew for a special flight on June 3. (Yasuyuki Onaya)

A special Star Flyer Inc. flight featured an all-male cabin crew as the airline joined hands with a popular manga series about a male flight attendant.

“We want to create an environment in which men are accepted as cabin crew members as naturally (as women),” said Atsushi Nishiyama, 37, one of the three male crew members aboard the June 3 flight. “We hope more men will dream of becoming flight attendants.”

Flight attendants are predominantly women at Japanese airlines, and Star Flyer, based in Kita-Kyushu, is no exception. Of its 150 or so flight attendants, only nine, or 6 percent, are men.

The airline’s male flight attendants came up with the men-only idea for the round-trip flight between Kita-Kyushu and Haneda Airport in Tokyo to gain more recognition for male cabin crew members.

“It is indeed not a common sight,” said a 56-year-old passenger on the flight, as he watched Nishiyama and his two colleagues serve beverages.

The “Soradan: Men’s Flight” manga runs in Kodansha Ltd.’s Morning weekly comic anthology. It portrays the life of a rookie male flight attendant from a poor family.

Passengers who won a lottery were given a copy of the manga signed by author Issei Itokawa.